Application Procedure - General Information

Applications can be submitted only on Mondays and Tuesdays between 08:30 - 14:00.

Applications can be submitted only on Mondays and Tuesdays between 08:30 - 14:00. Applications can be submitted only with appointment in our offices: 56, Strovolos Avenue, Strovolos 2018, Nicosia. Interested persons are kindly requested to contact us at telephone number 22806357 to schedule their appointment.

Submission of applications

The following documents have to be attached with the application:
  • Certified copy of the "Apolyterion" (School leaving Certificate - High School diploma).
  • Certified copy of the degree(s) of Study.
  • Diploma Supplement, Official Transcript of the degree(s).
  • Official translation in Greek or English, if official documents are in any other language.
Submission of Detailed description of courses is recommended.

If the submission or collection of documents is not done by the applicant himself, then a written authorization is required.
For post-graduate diplomas, submission of Thesis / Dissertation is likely to be required.


Translation of the Documents is accepted only by:
  • The awarding Institution.
  • Official Sworn Translators of the Republic of Cyprus
  • The Relevant Ministry of the awarding country (e.g. Ministry of Foreign Affairs).


Degree certified copies and relevant documents are accepted if:
(a) They are certified by the awarding institution.
(b) A member of the KY.S.A.T.S Office compares the submitted photocopy to the corresponding original shown by the applicant when filling his/her application.

Please note:

  1. A separate application must be submitted for each degree for which recognition is required.
  2. The evaluation procedure begins after all the appropriate documents are submitted.
  3. During the evaluation of the degree, the applicant may be asked to submit additional documents or proof or he/she may be asked for an oral interview for clarifications.
  4. Submitted documents are not returned to the applicant with the exception of Thesis / Dissertation and Doctoral Thesis which can be returned after the evaluation of the application has been completed and upon the applicant’s request.


  • Evaluation fees are € 85.43 per application. Fees are paid upon submission of the application when a Protocol Number is assigned.
  • The fees for issuing the Certificate of Recognition, granted upon approval of the application, amount to € 34.17. The Certificate is issued only upon request of the applicant.
  • Re - evaluation application fees are € 170.86.


Payments can be done either at our offices or online through JCCsmart portal. For further information please contact KY.S.A.T.S.


Find here the application form in English