Distance Learning Programmes

Recognition of Distance Learning programmes of study

The Cyprus Council for the Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications (KY.S.A.T.S) has expressed its strong support towards the programmes of study offered through the method of "Distance Learning" provided that they meet certain criteria and the quality and credibility of qualifications are ensured.


The Council has prepared a questionnaire requesting all necessary information in order to evaluate Distance Learning programmes and decide for the potential recognition of qualifications awarded by various universities with the method of distance learning.

Applicants who are interested in attending a distance learning programme, should ensure to send the questionnaire to the university that offers the programme.

The questionnaire should be sent completed and signed by the program manager, accompanied by a cover letter from the university, to KYSATS. The questionnaire can be found on KYSATS webpage.

For the approved distance learning programmes apply the following:

With respect to the programmes included in the table below, their potential recognition of equivalence refers to qualifications obtained by students who have commenced or will commence their studies during the period, as shown in the table. Six months before the expiry of the accreditation of the programmes the institutions that offer the programmes should submit the questionnaire with all the relevant information for the purpose of reevaluation. In the case of non-submission of the questionnaire, the programmes will be removed from the list of approved distance learning programmes.

It is understood that during this period the conditions subject to which KY.S.A.T.S. has reached the above decision for recognition will continue to hold. Otherwise, it reserves the right to alter its decision.

The Council may ask the students to submit together with their applications, specimens of coursework, examinations and dissertations.

Table of approved distance learning programmes