Members of the Council

Council MembersNameUniversity /  Organization
Chairman Dr Constantinos Christou Emeritus Professor, Department of Education, University of Cyprus
Vice - Chairman Dr Andreas Charitou Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management and Professor at the Department of Accounting and Finance, University of Cyprus
Member Dr Vasilis Komis Professor, Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education, University of Patras, Greece
Member Dr Marialena Nikolopoulou Professor, Kent School of Architecture and Planning, University of Kent, UK
Member Dr Eleni Kosta Professor of Technology law and Human Rights, Tilburg University, Netherlands
Member Mrs Lambrini Lambrou Ousta Senior Counsel of the Republic, Representative of the Law Office of the Republic of Cyprus
Member Dr Ioannis Ioannou Assistant Headmaster of Secondary Education, Representative of the Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth of the Republic of Cyprus